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Terms and Conditions


Evening wear Design Consultations and Alteration Fittings are by appointment. We can offer Virtual Appointments to provide initial quote for any of the services required. We can schedule as many fittings as it's required to achieve the perfect fit.

Werecommend to schedule your first alterations appointment at least 8 weeks before the even date. A £50 rush fee is charged if we need to alter the garments in under two weeks.

For Bespoke Design we do not take late orders and need at least 8 weeks to complete the project.

We do not charge for appointments but please provide us with at least 72h

notice if you need to cancel your booking.



Payment methods

You take payments via Paypal link (it allows you to pay with your Paypal Account or with Payment Card) or in cash. We can provide a bank transfer details on request. 


Estimates and Pricing

For Bespoke Evening wear Designs - we offer a free consultation after which a initial design deposit of £100 is required to prepare a set of sketches. The final price is quoted on second appointment where we discuss design details and finalize the project.

We require at least 50% deposit to start work on the gown and the final payment must be made before final appointment or before the gown is shipped. 

For Clothing Alterations - the full payment for the alterations need to be paid immediately after the first fitting. Total price depends on the difficulty of the alterations and type of gown/garment, fabrics and finishes used. There is a minimal fee of £70 per garment. Please visit Bridal Alterations page for a general pricing ideas.

Payment Methods

Liability for Clothes

We will take the utmost care of your clothes. All garments left with us are entirely at the owner's risk. Alterations are completed in our home studio in Watford in space that is isolated to work with clothes.


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