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The alterations process

1. Initial video/phone consultation: allows us to tailor the solution and appointments timing to your needs.

2. First fitting, ideally six weeks before the wedding. You will need to pick your desired shoes and underwear by then as they both affect your final fit. 

3. Second fitting: by now, your gown will only need small changes and tweaks. 

4. Final appointment: you will have a chance to try on a gown with all the accessories and make sure we delivered the exact look you are looking for. The wedding dress will be released to you not later than a week before the event.

Get in touch to schedule your first fitting now.

Photographer Debora Masetti

Makeup Shan Requeijo

Hair Isabella Alcatar

Model Fana Ellis

Wardrobe Stylist Laura Moss

Specialized in Bridal wear

With our extensive knowledge of fit and experience working with variety of luxury materials, the possibilities are limitless.

We have the confidence in altering and re-designing your dream gown in any way you want. 


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Bridal Alterations 

Every gown and every Bride's needs are different and our pricing reflects on that. The final price of alterations depends heavily on the fabric and finishing of your gown and the difficulty level of the requested alterations.

The pricing list can give you a general idea of the alterations cost, please note: the final price is always discussed based on each individual customer and might vary.

A rush fee of £50 is chargeable if alterations must be completed in under 3 weeks. 

We require scheduling deposit of £30 to secure your appointments. It will be deducted from your final alterations cost.

Pricing List

Take in neckline: £20 - £60

Take up shoulders: £25 - £75

Take in/let out seams: £45 - £95

Reshape armhole: £15 - £45

Shorten bodice: £45 - £95

Add gussets/panels: £40 - £90 (excl. fabric)

Temple fill bodice lining: £30 - £70

Add corset: £120 - £160

Add modesty panel: £55

Add sash (hand sewing only): £10

Shorten jacket: £50 - £110

Shorten sleeves: £50 - £90

Take in/let out sleeves: £25 - £55

Temple fill sleeves/lining: £35 - £60 (excl. fabric)

Hem: £120 - £210

Add pockets: £50 - £85

Open/close slit: £35 - £95

Bustle: starts from £40

Shorten veil: £30

Add bra cups/bra: £25 (excl. bra)

Dress re-design: price on request

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