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Returns and shipping


Bridal Alterations - we don't offer delivery on altered gowns. They need to be collected during the final (ideally second) fitting. The customer takes full responsibility for the garment from the moment of pickup.

Eveningwear Gowns - we can offer a variety of delivery options. If the appointments were happening in person, we will drop the gown of after the final touch-ups. If the dress needs to be collected by the courier, the cost needs to be covered by the customer. That includes any additional insurance cost should the customer wish to apply one.


Because each gown is made from scratch and on a special order from the customer, following their design and very specific measurements patters (agreed on by both us and the customer) - we can't offer any type of return. In rare situations where a made-to-measure gown needs additional alterations, we can offer free alterations service if we are notified of any issues not later than two weeks from when the order is collected.

Please note should that be the case, the customers need to meet us in on of ours fitting locations in Rickmansworth. We can't reimburse the cost of commute.

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